A group of Sassoferrato people proposed to Padre Stefano Troiani in 2005 to found an association to preserve, enhance and diffuse anything representing the so called Sassoferratism (sassoferratesità 1) both at home and by reaching the descendants of those fellow citizens who were forced at different times to seek fortune in various Countries of the world.

“Sassoferratesi nel Mondo per Sassoferrato” is non-political, non-profit association and has its headquarters at the “Istituto Internazionale di Studi Piceni” in Sassoferrato.

The Association has as its purpose the promotion of initiatives for the knowledge, conservation, diffusion of the traditional, cultural and environmental values, as well as tourism potential of the city of Sassoferrato and of the Sentinum territory.

The Association welcomes as members all those who have their origin in Sassoferrato, those who have lived longtime in the city or have ties in the territory of Sassoferrato or who are interested in pursuing the Association’s aims, as well as public institutions, associations, libraries, private companies, etc. Over time, the number of members has grown to the current 150 units.

The Association pursues its aim also by awarding the “Monte Strega - Bartolo da Sassoferrato Prize” to those people of Sassoferrato origin who have distinguished themselves by their specific activities around the world.

Sassoferrato in una stampa xilografica di fine Ottocento

The Association started in 2006 the magazine “Sassoferrato mia” whose publication continues annually. The articles are of various kinds, referring to the historical-cultural heritage, the socio-economic context, traditions, characters of the past and of present time – in short, a compendium of the city reality.

The Association promoted the signing of the Sister City’s Relationship of Sassoferrato with the town of Iron Mountain in the State of Michigan, where a community of Sassoferrato descent still resides.

The Association added to its original missions the organization of various conferences, increasingly demanding and interesting, exhibitions of local artists, high-level musical events.

The tradition of the Monte Strega - Bartolo da Sassoferrato Prize is much appreciated by the residents of Sassoferrato and by those who return to the city for the holidays: it is a special moment to meet friends and relatives perhaps no longer frequented since long, to remember old times, to know the new generations. The award-winning offspring of emigrants come on that occasion with their kinsmen to discover their origins and often meet unknown relatives, visit their family grave, the churches where their ancestors got married and christened their children.


1 Parola coniata da Padre Antonio Lisandrini per esprimere il suo forte sentimento di amore alla città di Sassoferrato.